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La Ciscu Margaret 

- Rock & Clown Orchestra


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The Band

La Ciscu Margaret is a rock and clown orchestra - a Chilean firework of wit and madness that combines music, theatre and clowning. Since its foundation in 2008, La Ciscu Margaret has performed on numerous theatre and music stages, such as the Mímame Festival in Colombia, the Festival d` Aurillac in France, the Santiago a mil Festival or the Loolapalooza in Chile.
In 2016, the band won the Chilean Culture and Arts Fund (FONDART) to tour three of their productions. In 2014 and 2015, La Ciscu Margaret also toured Chile, Peru and Colombia as a circus orchestra under the direction of Jeff Hall and Catherine Archambault (Cirque du Soleil). In 2023, she won the award for the best music video of the year from Citylabglobal, Santiago Music Video at Centro Gabriela Mistral GAM.

La Ciscu Margaret consists of eight actors whose training focused on physical and comic theatre, as well as music. Together they bring the comic and absurd to life and lead the audience on a journey of discovery into the true and original essence of the clown.
The band's characteristic ingenuity, spontaneity and irrepressible energy merge with the self-penned music, which makes the audience vibrate from blues to reggae, swing and mambo to cumbia, ska and rock'n'roll.
With more than 14 years of experience, La Ciscu Margaret can guarantee the audience an unforgettable evening that will make even theatre and music fans marvel, laugh and dance.


The Play Disziplina

Disziplina is a rock and clown programme full of mishaps - funny and absurd, sparkling and lively - that shows us in a cheerful and unvarnished way that we should not take ourselves, others and perhaps even life itself too seriously. The audience witnesses a concert in which many things go wrong. The seriousness of musical performances is taken for a ride with a good portion of satire. Disziplina shows us that there is no right or wrong way to make music. Because not only discipline, but also creativity, spontaneity and energy are indispensable for music on stage. Thus, the band members do not represent the best example of order or good behaviour - in fact, they are just the opposite, an uncontrolled and unfocused gang of clowns! 

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The strong desire for order on the part of the conductor contrasts with the poor discipline of the orchestra members. The situation comes to a head and threatens to escalate. But in this apparent chaos and to everyone's amazement, the eight energetic and lovable musicians finally manage to perform their concert and infect the audience with rhythm, laughter and rock & roll.


Ilan Spollansky / Director Tic-Fix - Piano, Vocals
Juan Ignacio Vega: Dos por uno - Guitar

Tomas Camus: Motoneta - Bass, Vocals

Darío Aste: Hare Poco - Piano, Vocals

Carlos Becker: Quaker - Trumpet

Benjamín Superby: Introducciòn - Saxophone

Roberto Cobián: Polpaico - Trompone

Nicolás del Rio: Lunes - Drums




2013: Release Album Vol. 1 and Production DISZIPLINA

2015: Release Album Vol. 2 Chicas and Production SUMMER SHOW

2021: Online-Production

2022: Release Album Vol. 3


Selected Performances

  • Lollapalooza, Santiago

  • Teatro Duoc Uc. Valparaíso, Quilpué, Concón y Villa Alemana

  • Movistar Arena, Santiago

  • Quinta Vergara, Viña Del Mar

  • Coliseo monumental La Tortuga, Talcahuano

  • Media Luna, Rancagua

  • La Cúpula Parque O'Higgins, Santiago

  • Woodstaco Fest, Región del Maule

  • Festival festine, Isla Negra

  • Teatro Biobío, Concepción

  • Festival Santiago Off Museo, Santiago

  • Teatro Museo, Valparaiso

  • Trotamundos Terraza, Quilpué

  • Casa de Salud, Concepción

  • Pulpo Restobar, Pichilemu

  • Copados Wine Festival, Santiago

  • Creamfields Espacio Riesco, Santiago

  • Club Chocolate, Santiago

  • Festival REC, Concepción

  • Surfestival, Pichilemu

  • Radio USACH

  • Radio Súbela


  • Andrés DC Bogotá, Colombia

  • Festival Internacional Mimame, Medllin, Colombia

  • Hard Rock, Lima Perú

  • Gran Corso de Wong, Lima Peru

  • Festival Aurillac, Francia

  • Festival Bastidart, Francia

  • Festival Les Gouts d`arts Gais, Francia

  • Festival de Marmande, Francia

  • Sala de conciertos Gruta 77, Madrid

  • Sala de conciertos Monasterio, Barcelona

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